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Our jobs as family lawyers and divorce mediators are to make your divorce boring and simple, with everyone involved walking away feeling OK about the process. Here are some interesting family law cases, stories, and articles that can help you with the divorce process.

March 16, 2020


Richmond Tymchuk Family Law LLP is continuing to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the needs of our clients.  We are however, working to limit our in office meetings in an attempt to socially distance and prevent the spread as recommended.  Please do not attend at the office for periods between March 16 –… Read More

By Richmond Tymchuk Family Law
February 12, 2020

Family Law | 3 Key Things to Know About Alberta’s New Family Property Act

2020 brought with it significant changes to Alberta’s Matrimonial Property Act. Below, we answer 3 common questions about these changes. The information provided is intended to deliver a high-level summary and as such, it is encouraged to seek legal advice from a qualified practitioner for a full understanding.  2. What has changed? The Matrimonial Property… Read More

By Richmond Tymchuk Family Law
January 21, 2020

Resolutions to be a Better Co-Parent in 2020

Did you make a list this year? No, not of the gifts you wanted, but of your resolutions for the new year. Did parenting make the list? Parenting is a hard enough task as it is. Co-parenting throws some extra complications into the picture. As you start the New Year, consider these resolutions and make… Read More

By Richmond Tymchuk Family Law
October 30, 2019

10 Common Questions Men Ask in Family Matters

Breakdown of a personal relationship can be disheartening and overwhelming for anyone. Our experiences are often influenced by our gender. Men often have a unique experience when going through separation or divorce. Here are 10 common questions asked by men in family matters: 1. My wife and I separated last month. How long will I have… Read More

By Richmond Tymchuk Family Law
September 27, 2019

How to Calculate Child Support for Shared Parenting

In a divorce, one of the most critical obligations of both parents is to support the affected children. Alberta and Canada’s laws require that children grow up benefiting from the financial means of both parents as if the parents were still together. As such, child support payments are typically calculated by income and the number… Read More

By Richmond Tymchuk Family Law
September 11, 2019

Avoiding a Long, Expensive Divorce: The Appeal of Mediation-Arbitration

Individuals looking into getting divorced are often concerned that, if they are leaving a partner who is combative, stubborn or vindictive, they will inevitably get dragged into a disruptive, lengthy and costly battle in court to resolve all the issues associated with getting divorced. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Mediation-arbitration is a… Read More

By Richmond Tymchuk Family Law

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