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Getting divorced can be emotionally and financially challenging for all those involved. Hiring an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer will make the process easier, quicker and will make it more likely that the outcome is in the best interest of both parties.

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The Divorce Process

Filing a Claim for Divorce

Your divorce process begins when one party files a Statement of Claim for Divorce. If you are filing for divorce in Alberta, at least one party must be a resident of Alberta. If neither party resides in Alberta, you will need to file for divorce in the jurisdiction where you or your spouse live. When the Statement of Claim is filed, you can also file for a division of matrimonial property, propose custody and parenting for any children of the marriage, and/or child support or spousal support. The filed claim is then served on the other spouse.

Receiving a Claim for Divorce

When the responding spouse receives the State of Claim for Divorce they may file a demand of notice if they agree with the claim. If they do not agree with the claim they may file a Statement of Defence. Alternately, the served partner can file a Counterclaim which introduces a separate proposal with respect to property, support or parenting, which would then be served on the other spouse.

Filing for a Certificate of Divorce

Once both parties have agreed on a settlement agreement in respect to property, parenting of children, and payment of child support or spousal support, they may apply for the divorce to be final. A Divorce Judgement is forwarded to the court and 30 days after the Divorce Judgement has been signed the parties may file for a Certification of Divorce.

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